COURSE DESCRIPTION: 84 Hours: ( two Days per Week for 6 weeks)


This class will provide the student with a more in-depth  knowledge of the tricks of the trade for Stone Setting. Our program successfully competes with  all of advanced courses for stone setting available in the UK. Our program will give you a good understanding and perform all of the tasks that you will need when working in the jewellery industry. Becoming a Professional Stone Setter requires extensive training and practice like any other trade or profession. If you are a Jeweller in the industry,or already some have bench skills, we recommend this class.


Introduction to stone setting:  Explanation of techniques for stone setting. Caution exercised with different shapes of stones. The importance of design and layout will be explained to the student.


Preparation of tools: The use of burs and stone setting tools will be shown and explained. Learn to select the proper size and type of bur for each individual project. Learn how to shape engraving tools for setting and how to keep them sharp, and burnishing tools explained.


Demonstration and practice with Round and Oval stones: 




Tiffany setting                                                                                     

4 square claw setting                                                                          

4 claw cast solitaire setting                                                                  

4 claw studs                                                                                      

4 claw oval setting                                                                             

7 stone cluster setting


Fancy cut stones, stones with points:                                                      

Stones with pointed tips explained to the student and special tools will be introduced to minimize and avoid breakage of stones.


Emerald, Marquise, Pear, Trillion and Princess cut stones                 

Emerald cut stone in four round claw                                            

Emerald cut stone in four flat claw                                                  

Marquise stone in four claw                                                       

Marquise stone in two "V" end claws                                                  

Pear shaped stone in three and five claws including a “V” end claw settings                

Trillion and Princess cut settings.

Projects: Round, Princess and Baguette stones 

Bezel setting 

Gypsy setting 

Channel and claw combination setting of round stones
Channel setting of round stones                                               

Channel Baguette setting.

Projects: burnishing tools explained.    


Cost for the 6 week Course:     


Stone Setting course                       = £3000.00

Tool kit  needed for course             = £200.00  

Materials                                       = £250.00                                                                        

                                          Total =  £3450.00                               






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