Jewellery repair course (4 weeks 5 days per week)

Course Objectives

This course is designed for the student that has no previous jewellery experience,

and after four weeks of very thorough training, he/she will have the knowledge and with practice, will be able to handle most of the every day jewellery repairs that come into the high street shop.


Course Description 


The first week of the course introduces you to the tools and equipment that is needed, an explanation of their uses, and safe practices, (workshop safety) we will cover the techniques for jewellery making and repair, and the British hallmark laws and practices.


The remaining weeks that follow you will complete jewellery tasks, soldering, chain repair, ring making, ring sizing, claw replacement, re-tipping of claws, stone setting, matching stone colour, jump ring and clasp replacement, plating, and jewellery assembly 


Detailed Description of the course.


Introduction to the jewellery workshop: Learn the different tools and equipment needed  and the safe use for making and the repair of jewellery. 


Testing of materials: learn how to test for the different Karat and colour of gold and how to deal with bench sweeps, filings and scrap. How to refine your gold and silver to give you maximum recovery.


Gold Melting and Milling: Explanation and demonstration of melting gold How to make ingots, wire, and sheet, with the use of the Rolling Mill.


Hallmarking: learn what is needed for hallmarking your work, and how to register with the assay office.


Finishing of Castings: Introduction to castings Rough castings will be cleaned,filed sanded, and polished. We will also cover the different machine finishing processes.


Drilling, Filing, and Piercing: demonstration and hands on practice of making a name pendant. Design. Layout. completion and finishing procedures.


Wire Work: how to make pendant tops and jump rings, single production and mass production methods explained and practiced. 


Ring sizing: Practice sizing plain rings then moving on to stone set rings, channel set, and how to protect stones with low heat tolerance.


Ring Shank Replacement: how to replace a ring shank on Engagement rings, and Dress Rings.


Chain and Bracelet Repair: Learn how to Repair chains, Bracelets, Installation and replacement of spring rings, Lobster claws, and end caps 


Bezel Setting: Learn how to make a Bezel for stones, make a handmade pendant and learn the technique to bezel set the stone.


 Earrings: learn how to solder posts on earrings with stones in, and make a pair 


Claw replacement : learn how to replace claws on ring and how to re-tip.


Ring making: Learn how to put ring together from castings, single stones, multiple stones.


Stone Setting and colour matching Stones: Learn the ways to set stones, Diamond setting, Claw Setting, pave Setting, channel setting. How to mach stone colour and how to order the correct stone to match the others in the ring.


Final Finishing and Polishing: Learn how to give your jewellery that final polish ready for presentation to customer.


After completion, you will receive a certificate form the Jewellery Course.


Price of Course £4,000 + £200.00.00 Materials


From this moment on you need to practice everything that you have taken from the course to bring yourself up to speed. 





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