Jewellery Valuation Service

Losing or damaging a precious piece of jewellery is always distressing. You may consider that you are well prepared because you have adequate insurance. 

But how can you be sure and how will you produce a claim if you have no record of the value of each individual item and no proof of ownership.

It happens every day, but with a 24ct Valuation it need never happen to you.

We are now offering a jewellery valuation Service, and have over 40 years experience and expertise in the field.

Our expert Valuer will carefully examine your jewellery, we will use our experience and equipment to arrive at an informed opinion and provide you with a written valuation and a full  and accurate description of your item, with digital photographs included in the price.

All you need to do is call us and book a date and time, then bring along the jewellery that you need to be valued, you don’t need to leave the jewellery with us we will evaluate your jewellery at the time of your meeting with us , we will also take the digital photographs.


We will then send you your valuation by recorded  post within five working days, we also keep a record of the valuation so if you need any help with your insurance company in any way we will be able to help.

The price of our service is £69.00 pounds for the first item and £49.00 for any subsequent items + postage of £5.00 for the valuation Certificate.


Contact Details

24ct LTD

Sovereign Point

176 Infirmary Road


S6 3DH


Tel:  0114 2291108

Opening times Monday- Saturday by Appointment only


Engraving service

We can now engrave your jewellery on the premises.

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